Our Planning Application is in!

November 24, 2016

Noticed we’ve been quiet recently? We can finally tell you why!

We’ve been working incredibly hard to ensure the pool is as close to being ‘project ready’ as possible, and we can now proudly announce that we’ve submitted a full planning application to North Tyneside Council for Phase One of the Project and an outline planning application for Phases Two and Three.

And that was no mean feat, we can tell you!

We’re expecting a decision from the Local Authority on both the Phase One application and Phase Two/Three outline planning application in February 2017, and this decision will coincide with the launch of our full Community Share Offer prospectus.

So, what goes into a Planning Application for a £5m Outdoor Pool in a Conservation area, on a Blue Flag beach in a SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest)?

The short version of that answer includes an extensive and costly Environmental Impact Assessment, lab tests on the concrete, flood risk assessments, heating load analysis, traffic assessments, ecology studies, visual impact assessments, noise assessments, Heritage studies, and more.

And that’s just scratching the surface.

But the important bit is that not only does this application continue to demonstrate how serious we are about the project, it also means that this will continue to be the furthest that any attempt to redevelop the site has gone since the pool was closed in the 90’s.

It will also significantly boost the already high levels of confidence in the project, making the Community Share Offer an incredibly exciting proposition for you all while also inspiring more large scale funders to take notice and get involved.

You can view the full application and supporting documents, and leave your comments, at the following link: