The tidal wave of pre-registration pledges has reached £300,000!

December 19, 2016

Today, we have another huge update for you.

Your pre-registrations for our Community Share Offer have created what we can only describe as a tidal wave of pledges… and the total now currently stands at OVER £300,000.

In just three and a bit weeks.


We’re now starting to feel more than a little bit giddy at the possibility of hitting (and even smashing!) our Community Share target of £500,000 when we launch the offer for real in the Spring.
However, to make sure we get there, we still need your help.

Being a tiny charity, we don’t have a huge marketing and advertising budget, so we do rely on our supporters to help spread the word about this amazing project, and make sure that anyone we think would be interested in the project knows about it.

So if you haven’t pre-registered yet, please visit now to find out more and leave your details.