A quick update…

May 2, 2017

It’s been a little while, so we just wanted to keep you up to date with a few quick notes on what’s been happening since we last spoke.

Firstly, you might remember that over the last few months, we kicked off some conversations around a couple of big projects that we’ve been working on – our Planning Application, and our Community Share Offer.

The Planning Application has taken a little longer to put in place than anticipated, mainly because the site itself is so complex. However, rest assured we’ve been working flat out on this and we’re hoping to be able to announce something towards the end of this month.

The launch of our Community Share Offer has also been impacted by this delay, but it’s still very much a top priority for us. It’s also clearly a priority for you lot too, as you’ve collectively pledged nearly £400k to the project already. This is huge, and continues to demonstrate that the appetite, in and around the community, for a new outdoor pool is enormous.

So, if you haven’t yet pledged, please head over to our Community Shares page to find out more and register your interest.

And secondly, talking about the community, you might have heard that there’s a little event called the North Tyneside Mayoral Elections happening this Thursday.

As you’re probably aware, we’ve worked incredibly hard over the last few years to make sure that the Tynemouth Outdoor Pool project remains completely neutral and apolitical – and that’s a stance we will always maintain.

We don’t endorse (or otherwise!) any political parties, and neither have we spoken to or consulted with any mayoral candidates or representatives from any party with a view to collaborating on any specific aspects of their own manifestos for this particular election, despite what you may have read, saw or heard recently.

The bottom line is that anyone – from any political persuasion – is free to donate any amount of money to our charity at any time. You can do that at http://justgiving.tynemouthoutdoorpool.com

And that’s all we have to say on that matter. 🙂