Drip… drip… drip…

May 24, 2018

Unfortunately, that’s not the sound of our pool filling up with water (at least not just yet, anyway) – it’s the sound of a hundred GDPR emails trickling into your inbox every single day.

And we hate to do this, but here’s some more GDPR info for you to read. Sorry!

As you probably already know, the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) come into force on the 25th May. And that means we need to make sure that you’re aware that we may be collecting and storing your personal data, that you understand what that data is, and that you know what we use it for.

So, about that data. Right now, we store information in three separate places…

There’s our mailing list which (if you’ve previously subscribed) contains nothing more than your name or business name, your email address, and a quick note you may have left for us describing how you might be able to get involved in the project. We will only ever use (and have only ever used) this data to send you major updates on the Tynemouth Outdoor Pool project. It’s important to also know that you can unsubscribe from this list any time you like using the link in any of the emails you receive. If you do this, we won’t email you any more updates.

Next, there’s our Community Share Offer pledge database, which (if you’ve pledged) contains your name or business name, your email address, your postcode, a pledge amount, and some brief information about what you expect to receive from your investment and what the pool means to you. We will only ever use this information to shape our share offer when we launch it, and to let you know when it’s launched.

Finally, there’s a database of customers who have purchased merchandise and other items from our online store. If you’ve ever bought anything from us, this dataset contains your name, your address, your email address, and details of your purchase. We will only ever use this data to talk to you about your purchase, if that’s ever necessary.

The use of all or any of this personal information is based on our ‘legitimate interest’ in providing you with additional information about the pool project, and we will never share this information with any other third parties. Ever.

You don’t need to take any action now, but of course, we’d much prefer it if you didn’t unsubscribe from our mailing list. And we’d love it if you registered your interest in our Community Share Offer. And we couldn’t be happier if you bought something from our online store.

And we’d be over the moon if you read the updated Privacy Policy. Actually, no, we probably wouldn’t – but it’s there anyway.


PS. We know we’ve gone quiet again recently, but it’s still full steam ahead behind the scenes. So if you’re curious about what we’ve been up to, keep your eyes peeled – we promise we’ll be in touch very soon!