When lido funding goes wrong…

May 17, 2019

While we’re waiting for the full analysis of our recent market research, we spotted this image on Twitter the other day at @savegrangelido (they’re working to restore another iconic seaside lido at Grange-over-Sands overlooking Morecambe bay – go check them out).

Save Grange Lido

It’s a pretty timely reminder of what can go wrong when you have access to a fairly decent chunk of funding… but you then go and do something a bit daft with it.

So, it wasn’t that long ago that Yorkshire Forward and Scarborough Borough Council spent two million quid on this – yes, two million quid on filling in South Bay Pool in Scarborough. Where’s the vision? The creativity? The guts?

Depressing, innit?

It’s just another reminder of the reason why we’re here. Why we’re doing what we’re doing.

And that includes all 16,000 of you.

Anyhoo… back to our market research. We’re still working through the responses but we can announce that around 2000 of you completed the survey, which is incredible. So thanks for that.

We should be able to talk about some of the insight it has given us soon… and just as importantly, we’ll be able to announce the winner of our Amazon vouchers then too.

Eyes peeled for some news shortly.

Image credit: Save Grange Lido.